Common Sink Disposal Problems and How to Prevent Them

The garbage disposal in your sink is a very helpful tool, but it is also fragile in a way. It is one of the appliances in the kitchen that has the most problems, needing appliance repair in Sterling Heights. However, the reason for this is that many people do not know how to properly care for the disposal. Know what the common problems are with a sink disposal and know how you can prevent them. This will help keep your disposal in good condition, so you can use it properly and trust that it will work when you need it to.

Common Disposal Problems

One of the most common problems is when the disposal gets jammed. This is often because people put too much down in the disposal, expecting it to do too much. You cannot just put anything down a sink disposal and expect it to be taken care of. Know what your disposal can and cannot handle, and do not put anything down it that you shouldn’t. You should also cut up large items like melon peels before putting them down the disposal, and take the time to only put a little bit in at a time. If something does get stuck, never put your hand in the disposal. Instead, pull it out with tongs or call for a professional to help.

Another common problem is when the disposal drains slowly. When this happens, the drain under the disposal may be a little clogged. You should use tongs to pull out anything in that drain that you can reach. You can then run the disposal for a while while running water down it. This may take care of the clog, but if it does not, you may need a repairman or a plumber to come take a look. If the disposal does not drain at all, you should also get the help of a professional. You can avoid this problem by not putting too much in the disposal at once.

You can expect the disposal to make a lot of noise while running, but if it makes more noise than usual, there could be a couple things wrong. The screws may be loose and you can simply tighten them to fix it. It can also be caused by hard objects in the disposal. Check for any utensils that fall in and avoid putting utensils in that area. If there is something further in, you may need to get appliance repair in Sterling Heights. This can be a big problem if the hard object damages the disposal while running.

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