Violin cases and gig bags

When you do have precious piece of musical instrument, you should have a good canvas or carrying case or storage for it. Like when you do have your violin, you do not want to put it anywhere else. You should put it in a violin case or gig bags. This will keep your musical instrument intact, dust free, and it can preserve your precious collections that hopefully will last for a long time. Are you doing this? What is the brand of your violin cases and gig bags?

More than 20 years younger? really?

There are times that people will call me ‘young lady’ or I am early and late 20s. I am not. I mean I am 40 years old already. It is just that I am petite and my hair style is short, like a kid maybe. It’s flattering though if it is true. Or maybe the people who thought that I am still young just need to have a lens to see some of my wrinkles and skin freckles. It’s just so funny when they will say that I am younger than my age.

Headphone extension cable

At first I do love the wireless Bluetooth headphone. It is comfortable and that’s the main thing as you will not wear wire thing on your ears. But when the battery will be out, you need several minutes to charge it. Compared to having a regular headphone wherein you can use it anytime you want to. And when your wire is short, you can easily buy headphone extension cable for listening comfort.

So, what is your preference? Do you like to have a wireless headphone or the regular headphones?

Sliding doors

I do love all the grant sliding hardware from ovis. Whenever I have new home, I would love to have any of these doors. Looking at this, I can remember the sliding door that my father made for the ancestral home. Yet this grant sliding door is different than what my father made. Sliding doors are durable coz even the creation of my father still exists for more than 40 years now. Anyway, I hope to have my new place the soonest possible time so that I can have my small office and will not be living like a homeless in one small corner with all of my things. I mean, you know dreams are free and I am dreaming the biggest possible dreams I can have.

Musician’s Friend

I do love to sing a lot and I love musical instrument. I have few collections already and I want to have more. Whenever I have the chance to shop or even do online shopping for any musical instrument that interest me, I will always visit Do you love this store also? I am sure you love this store if you are a music lover like me.

Remote start but … not really

Remote start of a vehicle can help a lot especially during cold days. For 10 minutes of using it, when you will get out from your home, your car will be warm enough. Sometimes, you can use it just once and there are times wherein you can use it many times (like every after 10 minutes when it will switch off).

This morning, I used mine. I was thinking that my vehicle will be warm enough when I will be out from the house. Although, it was not that cold but I just want a warm vehicle as I will shiver easily. When I was out and check my vehicle, I was wondering why it’s still cold. When I ignite my car’s engine there’s a red light “trunk open”. I was shocked! I asked myself, “Who opened the truck? Is there somebody who opened it?” I kept on thinking about it and it’s then I knew that when I pressed the remote for the remote-start, I pressed the button for the truck. Sigh! This is a good sign for me. It is a reminder that I am getting younger and younger each day. LOL

The other woman – for household help

I do love what I read at Loy Kiser who is the founder said that he made the company to help other people in doing errands, dog walking, and laundry service who helps people in Raleigh, Cary, and Apex for more than 25 years to help make other lives easier coz she experienced it herself.

So, when you need household help, visit this website and check if this one could help you do errands in your home. Yes, it is difficult to do multi-tasking especially if you are a working parent whom will do some tasks at home after work. Make your life easier and hire people who can help you in doing your household chores.