Alesis SR 16

This alesis sr 16 is so adorable! Now, I have enough reason to save more as this would be a great additional thing to my collections. I do love to have all musical instruments and everything to satisfy my music hobby. I just find music as a healing thing for me. Every time I will listen to my favorite songs or play my favorite music, it’s like a comfort to me. I feel safe and secure whenever I will be listening and or playing my favorite songs!

I love to share on where to purchase lowest priced musical instruments

Who would love to purchase lowest price when you will buy any of your musical instrument collections? Do you love it? I am sure you do. I do love to purchase lowest prices as well. This thing would give me enough savings even if I will spend something on the things that I love to buy. And I will be proud to share on my purchases whenever I can have it with the lowest price possible hoping that the friends or families that I will be sharing would be blessed with their purchases as well. You know it’s always nice to share some blessings to other people. Maybe sharing on where to purchase lowest priced items would be of great help to them. How about you? Do you love to share blessings in your own way?

Things not to buy in Costco?

I thought that buying paper goods would somehow save me some bucks when buying at Costco – but then I am wrong as per this article in yahoo. Well, I will stick at my favorite store – Target when I need to shop as I can use some coupons. In the wholesaler companies, I cannot use any coupons since they will not accept any. So, the next time that I will shop at Costco, I will just have to find the certain number endings on the goodies that I want so that I can somehow save.

Let us shop at

Wow, I do love since this online store offers varieties of vigorous wear for anyone who are fulfilling their active lives. Aside from that, it also has causal wear, intimate apparels, and other accessories. But the thing that I love most is their clearance sale as I do love big savings while doing my online shopping. Plus, Juno Active offers free shipping when my orders is $125 and more. Want to shop with me? They do have lots of plus size clothing! Let’s shop now!

God is a good God for He is pure LOVE

For those who experienced NDE (near death experience) or those who’ve been sick severely and were healed can these words “GOD CAN” instead of “I CAN”….God can do everything and all things for HE is the source of EVERYTHING … GOD is the source. God is pure LOVE. God is a YES GOD! GOD gives FREEDOM! God gives the law of free will for all and that means whatever a person wants, God will say YES to it. God is a good God all the time.

Dream the biggest dreams

Everyone has dreams in their lives. Others dream of grandiose ones while others dreams to have a comfy and better lives. I too have my own dreams. One of my dreams is to buy best NC funiture here as I just love their products. Most of all, my greatest dream is to help my own family here and my family back home. I also dream of having a grand family vacation to see my parents and siblings. I just miss them a lot. They said that when a person will dream, just make it the biggest one. Now, what are your dreams?

Professional Arborists Colorado Springs

Yesterday I asked the one who trimmed the trees in our neighborhood to include the trees in the yard. When he looked at it, he said he will include our trees today. And gladly, he did trim our trees. It’s trimmed beautifully and he also cleaned the twigs and the leaves in the yard. During the time that  hetrimmed the trees, I tried to go outside and asked that if possible, he would also trim the pine tree. When he looked at it, he said that he will include it as it was just an easy thing to do even if it was not included in their job.

And right now, our trees at the front yard looked so neat and beautiful. I would like to give the credits to the Front Range Arborist Colorado Springs. They were that professional to make our trees beautiful. Thank guys!