It’s my birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and my son kept on asking me if there’ll some party and gifts for me and or joe bunn dj company. When I gave him the answer, he said that it’s no fun if I won’t be having some parties and gifts. I said to him that I already have gifts – his daddy, his sister and him. He said, people were not gifts because he’s thinking that gifts were meant to be wrapped in a box. So, I told him, talking about gifts won’t mean you will wrap it. The meaning of the gifts that I said was that they’re blessings from God to me in which he didn’t understand yet.

Have fun in your music haven

Having your own music system at the comfort of your home would be a great thing. It would also be nicer if you have complete instruments and then you will put it in a sound proof music room. I mean, you can just do whatever you like and you can play your music with loud drum heads, piano, guitar or whatever instruments that you will be playing. No one will disturb you in your music haven and no one will be disturbed as well since you have a sound proof space. Speaking of drum heads, I think it would be so nice and relieving to have the brand that will last for a long time or even will last for a lifetime. So much for these, have fun with playing the music that you love most and also have fun with your families and friends.

He wants this musical thing

My brother keeps on mentioning this mf line 6 m9 to me. He says that this will be of great help for him and his musical group whenever they will perform. I think that he is not asking me directly that he wants me to buy this thing for him. I will just wait for the time that he will request me to purchase this one (directly). I hope that when he will ask me any time of the year, I will be able to have enough savings so that I can give this thing to him freely.

15” and 7” Computers

These computers are the ones that I am using every day. The 7” netbook is somewhat cute and seems it is a toy but it can be useful in surfing online and in visiting the blogs of my friends. I can also use it in face booking. However, the main purpose of this 7” is for my little girl who loves computers even if she is only 19 months old. Whenever she will ask that she wants to play with it, I can easily give this small thing. I cannot let her use my 15” machine since I need to use this in my online work.

It’s small but I am grateful

I only have small refund for this year. Nevertheless, it is okay for as long as there is a little that will be back for my family. I worked so hard last year but then that is all I can do. For this year, I hope I will have enough or even more if it will be possible for me. I hope to have more blessings that what I expect. Though, if there are few offers for me, then that should do it. There is nothing I can do except to be thankful. Instead of complaining, I should be constantly praying. I need to have a grateful heart all the time!

My time is not enough

When I was still at my parent’s place, I do love watching the 700 club. I love it because it teaches about God and about everything. It was one of my inspirations during those times. Now that I can watch this easily, it is then that my time is not enough.

A lake on an island

These are the 10 extraordinary real-life islands and the number #1 is Luzon – Main Crater Lake, Taal Volcano, Vulcan Point. You can check all of it at the According to this link, it is a “volcanic island in lake called Main Crater Lake, in Taal Volcano, is large rocked called Vulcan Point.” And it says that this Vulcan Point is the World’s Largest Island within a lake on an island, within a lake on an island. Do you want to know more? If yes, then, just visit the link.