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Guitar center Houston

Have you visited Houston Texas? Oh my I do love this place. This is one of my dream states to stay for good. Anyway, what I love to visit in this place is the guitar center houston. I want to see all their beautiful guitar displays. I am sure I can find something good in there for my music studio. If you are in Houston, don’t forget to check this store and see if they have the goodies that you are searching for.

Musicians friend harmonica

One of the coolest music instruments is a harmonica. As I am searching online today, I am so happy to see this musicians friend harmonica. I got lots of choices from the store that I’ve visited and so now it is time for me to make a decision whether to buy one of these or search more for better offers. Although, this store that I got right now offers prices which are within my budget. Hmmm, I love all of these offers and so I’ve got to choose which brand of harmonica to buy. How about you? Are you also searching for affordable harmonica as well?

Bose 11

Do you love Bose brand? Isn’t this a famous brand for you? This brand is adorable especially to my friends who always want to have good music. And the thing that they are eyeing for is this bose l1. They want to buy this one to add to their band’s music instrument. Although, they are wishing that one of their families or friends or even fans will buy this for them as a gift. Hope one of these days their wishes will be granted. Anyways, do you love to buy this bose 11 as well?

Cassette recorder

I can remember that I have a 4 track cassette recorder that I love most. I know my family still have it at home and I use it on my upcoming vacation. That thing is so important to me and my music hobby. I just love music because for me it gives me healing and it is my stress reliever. I can’t wait to have my vacation soon.

Still working even more

I am quota with the amount that I want to earn today and I am so thankful to God. Even if I reached my quota, I am still working so hard to have more. I believe that when a person is working, God will give more. So, here I am working a little bit longer for me to earn more. God is good to those who work hard in good ways and so I do believe He will bless me with more. God is good and life is good with God.

UAD apollo twin

Are you into desktop recording? What is the thing that you use when you are doing it? Have you tried using this uad apollo twin? This desktop recording is a good audio interface for Mac with 24/192kHz audio conversion and more. This will help you record your music in real time through the full range of UAD plugins from neve, studer, manley and many more. With some reviews that I’ve read, it says that this has clear sound, easy to use and light weight. So, what are your experiences in using this desktop recording?