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Shopping for wigs and lace front wigs

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Whenever I will shop online, I love to always visit a niche site that has all the things that I need. Like if I want to shop for beauty products, skin care, hair care and other beauty accessories, I want a one stop shop so that it will be easy for me to choose the things that I need and finish my online shopping as quick as I want to. Now, talking about online shopping for hair and anything about hair accessories, I do like Divatress at My goodness they have lots of hair accessories such as lace front wig, Remy hair, weaves, half wigs, braids, ponytails, hair care and other beauty products. Plus, carries different popular brands of hair and beauty care. To name a few, Divatress has Ardell brand, FHI Heat, Glam-I, Marianna, Model Model, Mizani, Vivica Fox Wigs, Twisted Sista, Wet N Wavy, Zuri and many more. It is pretty amazing that shopping in this online store is so easy and convenient. The things that amazed me is their selections of thousands of wigs. I am having a hard time choosing one wig as I want to buy all of the wigs that I like. I love curly wigs as I already have straight hair and I want to have different hair style for a change.

On the other hand, whenever you want to buy wigs, weaves, hair care and other beauty stuff, do check Divatress. See for yourself and be amazed with all of the products that this online store offers. And always enjoy their offer of free USA shipping.

Check these Beautiful Gowns and Homecoming Dresses that is within Your Budget

Many schools and universities welcome their alumni and residents with the homecoming celebration each year. The festivity for this big event will be in late September or in early October in which there will be some parade, sports competition, and dance.
Speaking of this homecoming festivity, women usually will wear the most beautiful homecoming dresses for this occasion. They will do their best to be the most beautiful woman for the crown of the “homecoming queen”.

Now, do you want to join the homecoming event in your school this year? If yes, do you have your dress ready? If you are not prepared yet, might as well check DressFirst since they do have many choices of beautiful gowns and homecoming dresses. Shopping at this online store is so easy. You can undoubtedly narrow your choices depending on your needs such as on fabric hemline/train, embellishments, back style, neckline, silhouette, straps, sleeves, wraps, and colors. In this way, you can place your order easily.

Another thing to consider when you will do your shopping for your homecoming dresses and gowns is the freebies. I mean, who would not love to have free even during the time of spending on the things needed! Anyone loves it and I am sure you do love free thing. Therefore, when you will shop for your dresses, go for the free shipping since Dress First is offering this. Lastly, look for the dresses and gowns that have discounts on it. I know you are so wise when it comes to enjoying discounts on the clothes that you want to buy.

Now, are you concerns on the prices? Well, you do not need to worry since the prices are affordable and for sure, it will be within your budget. For you to know more about this, visit Dress First at When you will do, surely, you will be amaze with all of the available pretty dresses on this online store. So, check it out as early as now and be ready for the homecoming event in your school this year!


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Want to make my own fashion jewelries

Long time ago, I want to learn how to make my own fashion jewelries. And I want to start with biagi beads screw end large for the beads that I want to make as jewelry. When it comes to beads, I love the Swarovski, the crystal fancy stones, and true first grade pearls. And hopefully next year, I can buy my jewelry tool kit so that I can start learning and making my own fashion jewelries.

My baby loves the personalized baby scrubs

Before I gave birth to my 2nd child, my friend from CA sent some personalized baby scrubs. Since she’s one of the first persons to know that I will be having a baby girl, she then ordered a personalized pink scrub for 0-6 months with my baby’s name embroidered on it. When I got it, I was so happy. And now my baby is four months old but she’s still using the pink scrubs that my friend sent this year. I am so grateful to receive it. I know my baby loves it ‘coz whenever I will let her fit these clothes, she will not whine whatsoever, she’s relaxed, and she’s comfy with it.

So proud of her job

As I am active at my favorite social networking site, I found lots of my officemates and schoolmates. And I am so happy with the fact that even if I am miles apart from them, there’s still means of communications almost every day. Despite of the years that passed by but the friendship is still the same.

Speaking of classmates, one of my high school classmates is living and working in Vegas. She worked in a nursing home in which she said that she’s satisfied with her work. Every month, she will have to send financial support for her families (her kids, mother, father, and siblings). Aside from liking her work, she is also proud of her job by means of wearing her soft cotton scrubs every day. For her, she is having one of the noblest jobs that a person is longing to have.  (And I think, she bought her uniform at the online store since everything that I’ve seen from this website, looked the same as what she wear on all of her photos that she shared online.)

Anyhow, soon, I will see her whenever I will be travelling to Las Vegas in order to see my cousin and her family.

Designer engagement ring

Buying and investing on jewelries is worth the money. The prices will go higher as time will pass by. Most of all, whenever these things will be shared with someone special in life, surely, these things will be highly appreciated since it’s one proof of love and affection that will never wear out despite of ages. One good thing to buy with is designer engagement ring for those people who are engaged and for those who find their true love. Giving a ring is some sort of a promise that love will be true beyond a lifetime. So when you feel like giving diamond rings, then, go for it!

I super-duper enjoyed it

With my recent purchase online, what I love is the no tax feature. I don’t know if this is offered with all of the online shopping stores, but one thing that I am sure is that I experienced it and I super-duper enjoyed it. And not just once but twice already for some reason in which I want to purchase more goodies for the 3rd time.

Right now, what I want to buy is womens sandals because the one that I am having right now is kind of out of fashion. Hope I can find the sexiest styles that I want so that I can purchase it without looking at the price. I mean, I am not concern with the price at all for as long as I love wearing it. And so, I am continuing my search right now so that I can order my new sandals immediately.