Plan for your kids, bring them outside, let them experience life in outside world

I love to play online games before and it was okay for me to stay in the house most of the time except for going to the groceries if there’s a chance.

When I have my first kid, it took me so long to get a license to drive and so I cannot bring him anywhere aside from groceries (again), or doc’s appointment, or to buy some electronics or some computer parts if given the chance.

My eldest would often asked me, “Mama where are my friends?” That was when he was 4 to 5 years old. My heart cried deep within when I can hear these words from him knowing that I didn’t know where to go and I didn’t know where to bring him. Then I get pregnant with my 2nd child (a girl). During my pregnancy, I got the courage to practice driving and finally got my DL in the driving school of where I studied because they were accredited in the DMV.

I was so thankful to have the courage that I needed as I just didn’t want to ride in a taxi cab for doctor’s appointment with two car seats and waiting in the clinic with cold weather.

There was a time that I pitied my eldest child and I brought him to the park for the first time. I was still pregnant with my 2nd baby, and we were just riding an e-scooter in which I bought it through online shopping out of my online freelance writing income that I had. Anyway, when we were at the park, he was so amazed with all of the people. In fact, he wanted to join the football game of a child and a daddy. I told him not to bother them because the daddy was teaching the son but he insisted that he wanted to catch the ball.

Right now, I can bring them anywhere I want. Thanks God. I am thankful for all the blessings in life. As a parent, giving clothes, a home without rooms, food, computer, and gadget are not enough. You need to bring them outside so that they can mingle with other people. You need to let them have some experiences aside from the things that they’ve learned inside your home. Most especially, when you are home schooling them, you need to bring them out and you need to plan activities for your kids and not just think of your payables and your online experience points.