Success Tips for College Freshmen

Are you a recent high school graduate heading off to your first year of college in the fall? First off, congratulations are in order! It’s an exciting time, a time full and change and quite possibly anxiety about all the changes you are confronting. Top that off with potentially huge expectations from well-meaning friends and family. Follow these recommendations from college admissions counselors to ensure your first year is a huge success.

If you’re fortunate enough to live on campus, by all means take advantage of it. Living on campus affords you the opportunity to engage in events and forge relationships with much more spontaneity than commuting from an apartment off campus.  Explore activities and classes that are unfamiliar to you. College is the greatest opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. You’ll be exposed to things you never knew existed. Take a fencing class. Take a class on urban renewal.  All of these engagements will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Choose your friends wisely. They are a reflection of you. Some students see college as a four year keg party, and others see it as a time of exploration. Find your balance. No one is telling you what time to go to bed or get up. Find your common sense and use it wisely. Find a balance between studying and attending parties. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and save big bucks by purchasing your textbooks from Abe Books Once you fall behind academically, it’s very difficult to catch up. Make a point of meeting your professors during their office hours the first week of class. It’s better to have a one on one relationship prior to your first office visit asking for help.

Finally, connect with home. Chances are one or both of your parents were the support system that helped you and pushed you to get where you are today. They’ll keep you grounded, hear your concerns when you share them and most of all continue to offer their love and support. Best of luck to you!